Chairman & Managing Director

    Sunjoy Waddhwa, is the founder and promoter of Sphereorigins. Being an independent producer, he spearheads the project development of the company with a pragmatic approach and break through ideas.

    Sunjoy began his media career in 1998 and set up Sphereorigins in 2002. In less than a year, Sphereorigins revolutionized the market to cement its reputation as the go-to-company for quality and innovation. With a working experience of more than 25 years, he has led his company to great heights and is always striving for excellence. Sunjoy has successfully built his company into one of India's leading Content Development & Production houses with a strong library of work.

    With a commerce background, he is actively involved in channel liaisons, commercial aspects and production. He began his career in exports and has now diversified into developing and growing the creative as well as the strategic direction of the company.

    Under Sunjoy’s leadership, Sphereorigins has emerged as a company that is driven by great creative ideas and an inherent skill to transform them into products of excellence. Attention to details, meticulous planning, well-organized schedules and superior execution, are the hallmarks of each of his productions. He focuses on creating an environment in which he brings out the best in people who contribute skills, talents and ideas culminating into superior productions. Encouraging his team of professionals to function independently in their own sphere, gently nurturing and honing their talents to deliver quality, he gives them space to grow exponentially.

    "We have always striven to focus on commercial viability of our end product with an unmistakable sensitivity to current social responsibilities sending out a strong message of Indian values, culture and debunking stigmas of social evils", says Mr. Waddhwa.

    With an outstanding body of work, Sunjoy has won numerous awards and today his company has a high social standing, enjoying great reputation in the television fraternity. Being the driving force behind the dynamic ideas of the company, Sunjoy has built a production house with efficient management, access to great talent and a proven record in the entertainment industry.



    Comall is the co-founder of Sphereorigins and has worked along with her husband Sunjoy since 2002, to build it into the juggernaut in broadcasting it is today. She has contributed significantly to the growth of the company by incorporating systems and processes in its core areas of functioning.

    Being a designer & exporter of Indian furniture & accessories, she puts her talent to good use in the production business. She interacts with the architectural & creative designing team and is actively involved in conceptualizing the immaculate look & design of the shows with a sharp eye for detail.

    Comall contributes the success to teamwork and prefers to work with like-minded people who are ambitious, creative, transparent and most importantly, optimistic in their outlook. She believes in her team's capabilities and has a zeal for achievement with administrative ability. "Our team resonates with the organization's values and ease of functioning", says Comall, who is known for her strong work ethic, tenacity and exacting standards.

    With a background in economics, challenges are what she thrives on. Being extremely passionate about her work, it is not the past, but the future that Comall finds herself focusing on, "It is the challenge that excites me most, both creative and social. Our job is to grab ratings and the audience with our storytelling, but we also have a responsibility to make this world a better place".

    Saat Phere pioneered the advent of social dramas on Indian television followed by Balika Vadhu, Jyoti, Gangaa. These shows are appreciated for their authenticity and have a connect with audiences across age groups. Our shows focus on women empowerment through their strong female protagonists, endearing storyline and inspirational characters. In an intriguing manner, we bring forth the realities of old traditions, which are still followed, in certain parts of rural India and their consequences. Our shows raise concerns about societal issues like child marriage, domestic abuse, marital rape, honor killing and stigmas attached to dark skin, widow remarriage, girl child education, adult education, etc.

    Working together as a team, Sunjoy & Comall ensure that there is constant focus on their key business areas with an eye emerging opportunities. She says, "It is our relentless endeavor to have a single minded focus towards creative development, revenue maximization & new business opportunities. To get the desired course of action, we create a vision, innovate with ideas and organize skills combined with operational excellence. Our biggest competitor has been ourselves. We are constantly innovating and trying to outdo our last idea or top rated project."