SAAT PHERE: SHOWS | ZEE | 9.30 pm Mon – Thurs

One of the highest rated shows on ZEE TV, this serial draws on issues that are familiar to Indian society at large, mainly a woman’s struggle against social stigma for the most insignificant of reasons - dark skin color. 

It is the story of a young girl, Saloni who is pure at heart, well immersed in the Indian culture who struggles to maintain her identity and not letting her talent be overshadowed by her dark complexion. Saloni suffers the struggles against the stigmas forced upon her by the society due to her complexion. Instead of accepting Saloni the way she is, everybody from her mother to her friends condemns her except her father who adores her. Inspite of these discouragements, it is the journey and her quest to establish her unique identity in the society which is enlightened and achieved by her will, spirit and courage.   The show is based on the discrimination and degradation of women that still continues in India today.